Our Trip to Madagascar February 14th – March 2nd 2019

Dear All
Through your support (ProInterplast Sellingsted – Soroptimist Vaduz / Gulf Dubai – iHelp) we were once again able to send 10 professionals to Madagascar. After 23 hours of traveling, we finally reached our first station with

-2 Pediatric surgeons
-1 Plastic surgeon
-1 Dermato-Surgeon
-3 Anesthesiologists
-3 Nurses

We performed a total of 127 surgeries with most of them being under general anesthesia and the majority of patients being children under the age of 5. We mainly treated Umbilical / Scrotal / Inguinal Hernia, Cleft lips, burns , tumors and malformation of bodies (congenital or acquired).

During the first week, we worked in the hospital of Manambaro as it has been usual since 2006, and the second week we spent at CSB Ambovo, a new hospital of Mrs Tanja Huck (Mobile Hilfe Madagaskar/ https://mh-madagaskar.de ) who is our strongest collaborate in Madagascar.

Our projects both are running well.

  • Run 4 Fun
    The pilot project started in 2018 treating 4 children with clubfeet. Each foot had to be operated by the local chief doctor of the hospital following regular cast changes and monitoring. This year we added 12 more children to the project.
    We are desperately in need for orthopaedic shoes for children and orthoses, both can be used for any ages.

  • Narindra
    On November 19th, 2018 we sent 12 children to school. Children who have visions and want to change lives. Currently, I have 2 potential people who are selecting, monitoring and taking care of these children as well as of street kids. I hope through donation and fundraising we will be able to enrol 24 more children to school this year.

Please have a look at my new website https://www.ihelp-drhanieh.com

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Hanieh Erdmann

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