Colour Your Life

Every child is allowed to be a child

With 2 blocks, a few pens and a great deal of passion, Ima (5 years) and Samin (3 years), two siblings from Sari (Iran), have launched the Color your life project for all the children of the world.

In September 2018, Ima and Samin, who live in miserable conditions with their family, were given two blocks of paint and a few crayons. Full of joy and happiness, they refused to eat and sleep for days because they painted until late into the night. It allowed them a space by allowing them to dream and let their imagination run free. A few things that were so taken for granted in our childhood, have given the siblings so much joy that they could forget their problems for a moment. In the future even more children should have the chance to do what was so natural for us: to paint, to dream and above all to be a child.

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