Unlimited Commitment

Our team "Madagascar" consists of specialists from all over Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf,...) who meet at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to then travel to the capital city Antananarivo, or short Tana.

Every member has a carry-on with personal items and necessary utensils for the mission.

Arrival and departure as well as change of location from Tana to secluded villages aside, we have a total of 11-12 days dedicated to performing surgeries.

On average, 120 to 150 surgeries are conducted. Mostly on children and under general anesthesia. We always have 2-3 anesthetists with 1-2 assistants that are specialized in children anesthesia. Two plastic surgeons and as circumstances require, children surgeons, or even orthopaedists, dentists and so on, are part of the team.

Over the past 10  years, many things have become modernized. Yet there is still no air conditioning, no medical laboratory and not sufficient medicine for optimal care and treatment. Here too, improvements are needed.

Our projects all over the world are not only being conducted by European doctors. We always try to involve local people such as doctors, nurses, caregivers, schools and even the cleaners, so that continuous treatment is guaranteed and developments go further.

The missions are managed by Mrs. Dr. Gie Vandelhult (initiator of Project "Madagascar"), delegated by Dr. Bertram Reingruber and mainly supported by Pro InterPlast Sellingstadt. All doctors take off-days for these missions and do not receive any payments for the surgeries. As a result, the costs are kept minimal and the ones in need are helped free of charge.