Project "Narindra"

Narindra entered the room and smiled at me.

"Narindra, are you excited for your surgery? Soon you will be able to move your head while playing. Are you excited? Isn't this your dream?"

Shy, she looks at me and says softly:

"I am excited... but this is not my dream."

“Hmm, then what is your dream?”

“I want to go to school”.

Being only 5 years old, she inspired me.

In my head, I immediately started planning my new project while Narindra was put under general anesthesia.

Narindra suffers from a restricted range of motion as a result of burn scars, living alone in the shrubs. Now since 2018 and after some surgeries, her movement is improved and Narindra can finally fulfill her dream: to go to school!

With the iHelp e.V. sponsorship for only
25.-Eur per month, Narindra can now go to school and is looked after in the city.
Please help to make a future possible for these children with a small donation.

Our Project "Narindra"

Our project "Narindra" was initiated with the help of the same-named mid-wife, Mrs Narindra, from MHM (Mobile Hilfe Madagaskar). Since Alongside her daily tasks, she cares for children who are without parents and proper shelter during the evenings. The goal of her "Kid Clubs" is to give the children a sense of belonging, comfort and show them love. They sing, dance and tell stories as well as eat together during the nights in Ambovo.

On November 19th, 2018 it was time: we finally sent 12 keen children to school, one of the girls being a 10-year old who is now attending a school for the deaf. Mrs Narindra cares for the wellbeing of the children and Dr. Erdmann's monitoring happens once a year, mostly in the months of February and March.

The costs per child for a year inclusive of school fees and shelter amount to €300.- Additionally, Mrs Narindra receives € 600.- per year for her hard and dedicated work. All this is possible through donations!

Other projects


In the course of our work with iHelp e.V., we witnessed many children who were accompanied by all their relatives coming from far away to be treated for “club feet” so that they can have a chance at healthy, bodily development. Through this, our project “Run4Fun” was birthed to create new opportunities.

School for children in need

With just 300.- Eur per year, we can send a child to school. These costs cover school feels, materials and catering for the children. For 25.- Eur monthly sponsorship for a child is made possible, covering all costs to enable a good education!