Ghana - Orthopedic Treatments

The last medical trip to Africa/Ghana took place from December 8th to December 26th, 2021. She was in the orthopedic department and in the physiotherapy center in Jamasi/ Kongo-Mampong. Our team was formed from a group of doctors working at Al Zahra Hospital - Dubai.

News from our trip to Ghana/ Afrika you can find here!

Other projects


In the course of our work with iHelp e.V., we witnessed many children who were accompanied by all their relatives coming from far away to be treated for “club feet” so that they can have a chance at healthy, bodily development. Through this, our project “Run4Fun” was birthed to create new opportunities.

School for children in need

With just 300.- Eur per year, we can send a child to school. These costs cover school feels, materials and catering for the children. For 25.- Eur monthly sponsorship for a child is made possible, covering all costs to enable a good education!


Narindra suffers from a restricted range of motion as a result of burn scars, living alone in the shrubs. Now since 2018 and after some surgeries, her movement is improved and Narindra can finally fulfill her dream: to go to school!